Friendships are hugely important in both our private and business lives and sometimes there’s a crossover between the two.  This is especially true at DBN where we see many friendships form.  After our networking meeting on Tuesday we were delighted to receive lots of lovely comments and the words that kept appearing were “super friendly”.  It's something we're really proud of and it's because we have such an amazing business community in DBN.  There’s so much mutual support, friendship and sharing knowledge and our members are brilliant at collaborating with each other.  We're sure this is a core skill that will help to future-proof their businesses.

Our aim is always to be Friendly, Supportive and Affordable to our local business community and we're always here to welcome new members to our network too!

Congratulations to our "Business Summer School" winners for best attendance at DBN Masterclasses, Joanne RowlandNoriko MatsubaraJan Cook and Ruth Jacobs.

And we have prizes to hand out next week for our "pioneer podcasters"!


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