Talking to DBN business owners and learning from their inspiration...

Episode 1: DBN Diversified

In our first podcast interview Melanie Cant from Elm Marketing Solutions talks to Gary Scott from DBN about business before, during and after Covid-19 and what the future looks like for 'Do Business' Network.

Episode 2: Meet the person behind the pencil at Joanne Rowland Art

In our second podcast interview, Melanie Cant from Elm Marketing Solutions talks to Joanne from Joanne Rowland Art.

Episode 3: Ruth at Jacwicks Designs saves the bottom of a national treasure

In this podcast Melanie Cant chats with Ruth Jacobs of Jacwicks Designs about her business, coming up with her business name, developing new products and how she saved the bottom of a national institution from getting damp - hero worship alert!

Episode 4: M stands for Marketing! Melanie chats with Mags Bradshaw of Red Button Marketing & Training Ltd.

In this podcast, Melanie Cant chats with Mags Bradshaw of Red Button Marketing & Training Ltd. Mags discusses different approaches to marketing, her business journey, what makes her business unique and her plans for the future.  And why a TV programme in her childhood inspired her to ask people if they are enjoying themselves . . .

Episode 5: Meet award-winning virtual assistant Rachel Locke

In this podcast, Melanie Cant chats with award-winning Rachel Locke about her early career overseas, working for large corporates in London, the journey that brought her to the north of the UK, establishing her own business as a pioneer VA and the importance of networking.

Episode 6: Selling from the heart! Moira Barnes chats with Melanie about boosting sales confidence.

In this DBN podcast Melanie chats with Moira Barnes about being confident with selling, adapting during Covid, the benefits of networking and celebrating her business birthday with locally sourced birthday cakes!

Episode 7: Duchy stands for Digital. Matthew Glover chats with Melanie Cant about apps and bingo!

In this DBN podcast, Melanie chats with Matthew Glover of Duchy Software about how wanting to know the rugby score led to a business idea, how apps are solving business problems and how a family love for bingo became a great business opportunity in Australia and New Zealand.

Episode 8: Richard Holden MP: why small businesses, infrastructure and networking matter in North West Durham

In this podcast, Melanie chats with Richard Holden MP for North West Durham about how Members of Parliament can support the small business community, why infrastructure and connectivity are key to local prosperity, the important role of business networks and what type of small business Richard would like to run . . .

Episode 9: From forklift driver to video maker - Meet James from Visual Punch

In this episode Melanie chats with James Ibbitson of Visual Punch about his business journey, why quality video is important, how to make the most of networking opportunities, the excellence of the small business community and how DBN helped Melanie and James to collaborate . . .

Episode 10: Bringing a taste of Austrian Cafe Culture to Durham. Meet Bernhard from Durham Coffee.

Bernhard Nausner of Kaffeehaus Amadeus and Durham Coffee chats with Melanie about working with homeless people, a career in theology and then bringing a slice of Austrian cafe culture and great coffee to North East England. Bernhard also chats about how premium quality coffee offers a better deal for the growers and how to work successfully with family members.

Episode 11: What's your legacy? Meet Jan Cook of Jan Cook Wills and Trusts

In this podcast, Melanie chats with Jan Cook of Jan Cook Wills and Trusts about her career in further education, why early retirement isn't for everyone, how a brand new career was launched, the importance of legacy planning, business networking and how technology and a global pandemic are opening new doors.

Episode 12: Meet Peter Jackson, author of Legions of the Moon

In this DBN podcast Melanie chats with Peter Jackson about how his love of history and a successful career in journalism led to the publication of his first novel, Legions of the Moon set in Roman Britain.

Episode 13: Starting a small business in a pandemic? Meet Alison Dore of Hello Friday.

Is there ever a perfect time to start a new business venture? In this podcast Melanie chats with Alison Dore of Hello Friday about here career journey, why being a second choice for a job wasn't important and about taking that leap into self employment.

Episode 14: Meet Phil Benton, Photographer and how his business helped him to overcome disability.

In this DBN podcast Melanie chats with inspirational Phil Benton whose long battle with M.E. resulted in him setting up his award-winning photography business and how darts and golf all played their part in his business journey.