One of the benefits of having online meetings is our new ability to bypass geographic boundaries and bring like-minded businesses together from a wider area.

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Meet the Neighbours event earlier this week, a joint event with Darlington, Northallerton and Richmond business networks.  Our very own James Ibbitson was one of the four guest speakers and topics covered were tips for great videos, successful PR campaigns, marketing after Covid-19 and e-marketing campaigns.  It was lovely to meet members from all the business clubs and a big thank you to Jason Gurney of Darlington Business Club for organising and running this event on behalf of all the participating clubs.  It was agreed we’d have a follow-up event and that DBN will organise that one – a tough act to follow for sure!

Just a reminder that digital selling is important!

As business owners operating during a global pandemic we'll have to expect the unexpected in the weeks and months to come.  Partial and local lockdowns may become part of our business lives and that is why digital selling has become so important these days.  It’s a safe place for your customers to buy and a safety net for your business.

Some sectors can switch to digital selling more easily than others and we're delighted to see so many of our cafes, hotels and restaurants now have products and services online.  For example, Isabella’s at Shotley Bridge recently introduced a click and collect afternoon tea service on their new website which is proving to be a huge success.

If you would like help to adopt more digital tools for your business, please get in touch with us.  Many of our members have a wealth of experience and will help you and we can also point you in the direction of any grants and support that will help you to adopt digital technologies for your business.


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