Did you know that in Vienna, the local government has started handing out restaurant vouchers to its residents to boost their hospitality sector? While we can't do anything on that scale, we absolutely will need to encourage everyone to spend more with local businesses, it's vital for the local economy. Lower level purchasing by local authorities is going to be a lifeline for many small businesses and we hope that each north east authority is going to make it's lower level procurement easily available for small businesses to quote. That will give a massive boost to the local economy. Stuart Davies at Crust has developed an app to post, bid and share local business opportunities. We are looking for DBN members to try the app and give feedback to Stuart and his team. In time we hope to see lots of opportunities available on Crust. If you would like to get involved in the pilot to test the Crust app, please email us at connect@dobusinessnetwork.com

Next week we’re holding back from running online events and workshops to give our members time to attend Newcastle Start Up Week. Our next online mini-masterclass is on 27th May and you can book your place here.


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