In what seems to be a previous life, I was working as a social worker and my husband bought me an aromatherapy gift pack for Christmas. I have never looked back! The wonderful team I was working with at the time was being disbanded and I really felt the need to change my path. I decided to train in holistic therapies aiming towards an aromatherapy qualification.

Since then, I have worked on developing a full range of products, often in response to requests from clients. I just love creating natural, handmade, environmentally mindful skincare! Some products have taken me years to perfect. It is a constant work-in-progress as new, more natural and environmentally sound ingredients become available. More recently, I have worked with selected therapists to provide my products on a wholesale basis and have found something else I love doing.

Working with the wonderful therapists I have on board is such a win-win opportunity. I support them and they support me. I am gaining so much more than simply providing them with wonderful skincare for their clients. I would like to connect with more businesses, perhaps some retail businesses and would love to discuss this over a coffee with anyone who thinks my products would be a good “fit” in their business.

I am offering 15% off to DBN members and have a variety of gift packs available. Click HERE for further details.