Ibbitson's energy contracts were approaching renewal date and they were shocked by the proposed increases from their supplier.  On top of this, their merchant services costs were beginning to become poor value for money when compared with their usage.

After speaking with other businesses, they were pointed in the direction of Great Annual Savings Group (GAS), who had helped similar companies with their running costs.

How did GAS help them?

GAS experts set about searching the energy market to improve Ibbitson’s electricity contracts, eventually securing an improved unit rate from a new supplier.  The next step was to discuss contract lengths.  GAS usually advise on a longer contract term for cost certainty in forecasts, but after consulting with them, a 12-month contract was best for her business needs.  GAS then handled the transfer of the meter from one supplier to another ready to go live automatically once Ibbitson’s current contract ended.

They were also keen to align the contracts from their second unit so that the issue could be addressed at the same time of year in future.  GAS put together a bespoke contract, again on improved rates, so that the end-dates align and the issue can be dealt with even more swiftly in the future.
Overall, the cost savings on electricity totalled 14.68% on the unit costs and 12.7% on the standing charge on one unit and 18.81% on the unit costs and 37.4% on the standing charge on the other.

How did they benefit?

  • Saving on electricity costs for both units in the market against the renewal prices Ibbitson’s had been quoted.
  • Savings totalled 16.93% on unit rates and 26.15% on standing charges
  • Alignment of contract dates, allowing simpler management of utilities.
  • Valuable consultation on merchant services industry.

What did Ibbitson’s say?

“I am delighted with the savings GAS has made for my business. All work was carried out with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency!” Joanne Ibbitson, Ibbitson’s Quality Meats.


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