What a day! Mr R and myself were lucky enough to be invited to be part of an Event organised by Climate Action North again this year.Keystone Species. If you follow me on Social Media, you’ll have seen me busy lately, creating drawings of the Lynx, Eagle Owl, Pine Marten and of course the beautiful Wolf, these were all created with this specific event in mind, are all noted as Keystone Species by ReWilding Britain.

I could rattle on for PAGES about how good the speakers were, but I'll keep it short and sweet and just highlight a few for you...
Isabella Tree, The Knepp Estate

What these guys have achieved on their land in the space of 20 years is nothing short of astonishing, if you do nothing else, go and have a look at the timelapse, aerial photos! They ceased intensive farming on the land, as the farm just wasn't profitable any longer, and let nature take its course. They introduced free roaming animals, native plants and birds started to reappear, and the estate is no longer recognisable as the barren fields of 20 years ago.

Sascha Dench, The Human Swan

Her presentation was hilarious, informative, and confirmed my suspicions that she's an amazing human and a little bit crackers! The company she was working with were concerned about the declining numbers of the Bewicks Swans that make their way from the frozen Russian tundra to the UK every year.

No one could pin point why the numbers were declining. There's no way a team could follow them on the road, because there aren't any! So what could she do? She actually strapped herself into a paramotor, and flew 7000k WITH the swans! Incredible! Fascinating story, please pop over and have a watch.

David Hetherington, The Lynx and Us

David is literally the guy that has written the book on the subject…  He works with Scotland the bigger picture, and has an honest, reassuring and practical insight into the reintroduction of these animals, and how they can have a positive impact on Wild Britain.

You can find our more about ReWilding Britain here.