At our networking event in February we handed out some jars of Amor Spice Hot Chilli Sauce, made by one of our members Tanya Smiley. We received lots of great comments about the sauce and we asked Tanya to tell us something about how she started her business.

"Hot chilli was never my thing despite being of Afro-Caribbean descent! Then one day my dad made some homemade chilli which sparked an interest to make my own sauce and to adapt it to my own taste buds. Amor Spice was born from a random decision to make a gift for the host of a dinner party - and the rest is history.

"Amor Spice hot chilli is locally produced and ingredients used are all natural without artificial preservatives. It is versatile and can be used as a marinade, dipping sauce or a sauce to add to dishes during cooking. Due to its unique flavour, it compliments any dish including salads and sandwiches".


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