The Land of Oak & Iron Needs You . . .

As you may know, the Land of Oak & Iron is developing a business toolkit to help achieve its vision of working with local communities to celebrate, conserve and enhance the Land of Oak & Iron’s natural, industrial and cultural heritage. Of course, the Derwent Valley is part of this area, and so the Land of Oak & Iron needs you…

The toolkit will primarily be for tourism businesses based in, and operating within, the Land of Oak & Iron and its periphery. This includes cafés, accommodation providers, free and paid for attractions, as well as direct and indirect suppliers to those businesses. It will not be a visitor guide, rather a resource to help make sure that businesses can connect visitors with the area and all it has to offer.

Through this partnership approach in working with local businesses, the toolkit will help to deliver a legacy of job creation, tourism, regeneration and wider economic benefits.

The Land of Oak & Iron PR is looking for a selection of businesses to help inform the contents of the toolkit, and then to trial it in the New Year, before it’s launched to other businesses in the tourism sector before the summer season of 2019. Could it be you? If you’d like to get involved or to find out more, please email the Land of Oak & Iron’s PR consultancy, Filament PR, via anne-marie@filamentpr.co.uk.


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