Nathalie and Noriko bring puppets and socks to Literary Festival

Last month, the Derwent Valley Literary Festival saw Nathalie Paris telling stories and using her puppets to provide a fun session of French speaking while Noriko Matsubara was reading her picture books and helping children make their own sock puppets to take home.

The free event, which took place at venues across the Derwent Valley, was a celebration of books featuring local authors, poets and playwrights reading, performing and talking about their work.

Nathalie‚Äôs mission is to instil a love of languages and reading through stories in French, German and Spanish. She visits schools with (or without) her mobile library, reads stories in French, works with puppets and also lends books to schools and the general public. Noriko is an author and illustrator, who was born in Japan. The inspiration for her stories came from her childhood as she would watch her grandmother regularly darning socks and wondered what might happen to them…


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