Beamish Museum are delighted that our exciting Take A Seat campaign has now launched!  Click here for details.

Sponsors will receive a brass plaque on the back of one of our cinema seats in The Grand cinema, based in our 1950s town.  You can choose to have either your personal name or your business name engraved for £5,000 which also includes us displaying your company logo on screen in the cinema as part of our rolling credits at the end of each film for the period of the sponsorship of fifteen years, which we feel is absolutely amazing value given the hundreds of thousands of visitors who will be viewing the screen during this time. 

All money will go towards helping to fund the completion of our Remaking Beamish project at the museum and ensuring our sustainability in attracting the next generation of visitors and simultaneously keeping our place as an iconic attraction in the North East bringing tourists from far and wide to our amazing region, to the benefit of all our local businesses. 

Seat plaques have started selling out fast and are being sold on a first come first served basis.  To secure a seat follow this link: purchase a plaque on a seat in The Grand cinema at Beamish.  T&C’s apply. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for your business to be an integral part of our amazing museum and I do hope we may rely on your continuous and very generous support.

Liz Peart, Partnerships Officer


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