Create Intrigue Celebrates 10th Business Birthday!

Celebrating a 10 years of Create Intrigue!

This week Ann English from Create Intrigue is celebrating a milestone that isn’t just about numbers… it’s about the impact made by the countless individuals and businesses she's had the privilege of working with over the last decade.

In October 2013, when she embarked on this rollercoaster of a journey which is called self employment, she didn’t know where that would take her, or all the incredible people she’d meet, many who’ve become clients and life-long friends. Along the way she discovered her superpower as a Visual Communicator, and how to utilise this to enable others to present, promote and profit from they think, say and do. She founded Create Intrigue with a mission to enable others to breathe life into valuable ideas, because she believes everything starts with an idea, and an idea can change everything. Ann is proud to have created a range of visual communications products and services that has changed the way we think, talk, and act on our ideas.

Ann said. " I'm beyond grateful to everyone who has supported my mission, and to those I’ve worked with thank you for putting your trust in me to help create your vision"

Throughout this week Ann is going to share more about how Create Intrigue has evolved, along with the tools and techniques she's developed to enable you to showcase your superpowers. #10YearsOfCreateIntrigue


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