The Derwent Valley Partnership is offering local businesses the opportunity to become more energy efficient through a new ‘Business Energy Efficiency Project’ (BEEP), funded through the Partnership’s Towns and Villages Fund.

By getting involved, businesses will be helped to better understand their consumption and carbon emissions, and how to reduce them through behavioural modifications, investment in more efficient equipment and appliances, and on-site renewable energy generation.

Businesses will receive a minimum of 12 hours of support from the dedicated BEEP team who will provide advice and recommendations (a free of charge audit).  Once the businesses have completed the BEEP process, they may then be eligible to apply for a grant from this project to help fund energy efficiency improvements for their business, as recommended by their BEEP audit.

If your business would like to take up this FREE offer, you can:

Please state where your business is located when you make contact with the team so they can ensure you are accessing the correct support/funding.


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