• DID YOU KNOW UTILITY WAREHOUSE (UW) started in 1996 and has over 70 awards of which half are 'Which' awards, for our home services and customer service.

  • DID YOU KNOW UW will pay up to £400 to buy you out of a contract. You don't have to worry about early termination fees.

  • DID YOU KNOW UW will pay up to £200 in your account as a boost to help with energy.

  • DID YOU KNOW UW will pay you £50 to have one of our smart metres installed.

  • DID YOU KNOW UW have the highest paying cashback card, up to 10% shopping online and 5% most high street stores. They will top up your card with £50 to start and all cashback will be deducted from your bill.

  • DID YOU KNOW if you are lucky enough to be a UW customer already, UW will credit your account with £50 for every customer you recommend that takes only 2 services.

Please contact me for a free bill check and see what I can save you.

Mary, Utility Warehouse


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