At our January meeting our main topic of discussion was business goals and how we can support each other to achieve our goals in 2023.

It was really interesting to hear what everyone had planned for the new year and lovely to see how many of us could help each other with business introductions or work together to help achieve our goals.

With the permission of our members we have published a few of these business goals below in hope that if anyone can help them they'll get in touch.

** We respectfully request no spamming please **

Ann English, Create Intrigue

My big dream for 2023 is to transform my TEDx talk into a book, an online course and to go global with a group coaching programme.

David Bainbridge, First Cohort

1. Speak to 2000 companies this year about their drug and alcohol testing.
2. Rebrand the business and launch.
3. Roll out a training programme to companies.
4. Help as many people as possible.

Mary Jallow, Utility Warehouse

I'd like to save 100 people a substantial amount of money off their household bills. I can offer help towards early termination fees and much more.

Owen Weightman, 3D Virtual Spaces

Focus on 3D Virtual models to aid accessibility, inclusion and familiarisation. 

Natalie Chaters, Industrial Workwear

My goal for 2023 is to meet lots of business owners to talk to them about their workwear requirements.

Craig Hamilton, Net Defence

Dispel the myth that cyber security is expensive and over complicated.  Support as many charities and small businesses as possible to ensure they are resilient and aware of their vulnerabilities. 

Carrie Dennison, Crafts for Wellbeing

In 2023 I'd like to deliver art and craft sessions within companies to improve their staff wellbeing.

Graeme Bonas, Great Annual Savings

To help as many companies as possible stay open and profitable. To reduce business costs due to cost of living and energy crisis. Water waste, chip and pin energy for commercial companies

Jan Cook, Jan Cook Wills and Trusts

  1. Develop awareness importance of having a will in place within the younger generation through talks. to sports clubs etc...

  2. Increase relationships with businesses who offer training to employees on health and wellbeing to deliver talks to staff.

David Hardy, LMS Wealth

I'd like to offer financial education in the workplace and also financial education for the self employed in the form of a clinic or one to one sessions.

Christine Thomas, Building Self Belief

Launch our resource hub to schools and parents.

Moira Barnes, Moira Barnes Sales Consultancy & Training

Business Goal: To be involved in more big tenders to deliver not only sales training but confidence and objection handling.

Personal Goal: Helping young people (especially) girls who are neurodivergent as well as educate staff at education settings on how girls may present differently.  

Coral Sirett, Zest Health

To reach at least 60 organisations with at least 20 staff to let them know how I can help them to reduce absenteeism and improve employee health, by providing a range of wellbeing services.

Joanna Puckering, Calico Cultural

I'd like to expand my editing services to help small businesses in the North East ensure their writing has clarity and impact.

Noriko Matsubara

  1. Find a new publisher for my new children's book

  2. Find a magazine/newspaper for my comic strips


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