The Pop-up Primer is a workshop programme designed to develop the retail skills of local creative and food and drink businesses.  We’re looking for businesses who would like to join this workshop programme, learn more about incorporating the pop-up format into their retail activities, and develop some of the unique skills that can help make pop-up retail a success.

Hosted at Newcastle University Business School, online and at Sook, a pop-up retail space in the Metrocentre, Gateshead, these hands-on workshops will help boost your visual marketing, product photography, customer interaction and social media skills.  You’ll also have an opportunity to have a space to trade within Sook at an exciting retail event on the 10th November.  See the below short videos from the first Pop-up Primer workshops and launch event.

Launch Event - click here.

Pop up Primer Workshops - click here.

Participants must be able to attend the workshops on the following days and times:

  • Friday 14th October (9.30-14:30) at Newcastle University Business School
  • Wednesday 2nd November (9:30-12:30) Online
  • Thursday 10th November at the Sook popup space in the Metro Centre (10:00-19:00, with 15:00-19:00 being an opportunity to trade).


Friday, 14th October - 9.30-14:30

  • Social Media and Marketing with Corinne Lewis-Ward

Sharing a decade of independent retail experience and offering guidance on social media and marketing.  This will include an introduction to designing promotional leaflets using Canva, which will then be printed for you free of charge.

  • Confident customer interactions with Viv Wiggins

Spend some time discussing different types of customer and how to deal calmly and professionally with issues if and when they arise.

  • Product photography with Sue Todd

Your photography will likely be the first introduction to your products, prospective customers see, it needs to make the right impression.  Your imagery can either convert those viewers to sales OR ensure they walk away!

Sue will take you through a host of ideas and tips to illustrate how you can create imagery that attracts attention and drives those all-important sales.  Attendees will take away ideas, hints, and tips to create far better imagery for their business. 

Wednesday 2nd November 09:30 - 12:30 Online

  • Five Star Visual Marketing Success and Pop-up Shop Solutions with Ann English
  • Visual Marketing is the cost-effective silent salesperson all the big brands use.  In this experiential workshop Ann will teach you the fundamental Visual Marketing principles based on traditional Visual Merchandising techniques.  Ann will then take participants on a visual journey from table top to pop-up shop, by presenting real life examples, success stories and creative solutions.  You’ll leave feeling prepped and ready to tackle pop-up retail for yourself!

    Thursday 10th November at the Sook, Metro Centre, Gateshead

    10:00-15:00 Practice all that you have learned about setting up a popup shop in an actual popup space.  
    15:00-19:00 Popup Primer Launch Event
    Enjoy an opportunity to have a space to trade and promote your business alongside your cohort, network and meet new audiences.

    Deadline for applications is Friday 7th October

    If you have any questions, please contact Fiona.Whitehurst@ncl.ac.uk or Jo.Singh@ncl.ac.uk

Application form here.