Listen in, because I’ve been invited by Sheryl Plouffe a former Canadian TV broadcaster and video strategist, to be a guest on CashinonCamera video podcast.  Talking about visual note-taking for business and Sheryl will offer insights on marketing, content creation, media and communication to help you grow your service-based business.

I first met Sheryl in 2020 through the magic of Zoom.  Despite being stuck at home during lockdown, we connected virtually at a global business development event.  Sheryl then commissioned me to VisionMap her ideas, frameworks and concepts to create a digital visual overview.  She loved the process, and has since re-evaluated her direction to now focusing on LIVE!

We were chatting recently and she was intrigued to discover how I also love to take notes on my iPad to capture ideas, thoughts, and inspiration.  I believe typing them on a keyboard might not be the best way . . . so we’ll be talking about how doodling can lead to business success.  I’ll give tips on visual note-taking and how my VisualDoodles™ have captured insightful ideas from the greatest minds in the world and shared by Lewis Howes, Dean Graziosi and Giovanni Marsico.

VisualDoodle note-taking technique is an effective way to remember wisdom shared and stories told in a memorable way.  Particularly useful for visual thinkers and learners.

The audio will be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify.

We'll be sharing modern marketing tips, tools, tactics, and technique that have worked really well for you to promote yourself or your business.

Sheryl is on a mission to enable you to stop marketing like it’s 1999 . . . whilst I’m on a mission to stop your ideas from dying too soon . . . it promises to be an intriguing conversation!

Ann, Create Intrigue

PLEASE NOTE: The video will be online from Thursday, 29th September at 18:30 - click here.