Our Miners’ Gala coffee is always a single origin bean from Brazil, but occasionally we can’t get a hold of the same bean; thus we are welcoming a new Brazilian bean to our Heritage Range, but fear not, for those of you who love out Miners’ Gala, our new Brazilian bean has a similar flavour profile.  It is still a wonderful medium-light roast showcasing a well-rounded pleasant sweetness which will appeal to most people. Flavour notes: Brown Sugar - Maple Syrup - Creamy.

Fazenda Bela Vista, sits on a plateau with a beautiful view over the landscape.  The farm is located in Nepomuceno, Sul de Minas, one of the most traditional and diverse growing regions in Brazil.  Today, coffee represents over 70 % of the economy.  The farm’s history begun in 1923 and remained in the Family Lima Reis ever since.

Initially the Fazenda was build to be a live stock farm and was reinvented to grow coffee after a couple of years.  Antônio is the third generation of his family to manage the Fazenda.  Their actions, values and vision always involved high quality products, special care with people and the planet.

Modern farming techniques such as soil protection against erosion, precision agriculture, grass management between coffee lines and integrated pest and disease management makes Bela Vista a top quality provider.

The soil composition is quite unique as latosol and argisol, two types of old soils, are low in natural fertility, but rich in clay.  On an area of 300 hectares preserved land and 500 hectares for coffee cultivation, they produce between 80-100k bags a year.

Together with the municipality, Antônio introduced a rural school that serves workers and community kids directly on the farm.

Cherish The Moments - Savour The Taste!

Carina & Bernhard, Durham Coffee

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