After celebrating our second birthday the other month we’re excited to bring you our next bit of news which is the launch of our new limited edition bean - a beautiful single origin bean from El Salvador with a cupping score of 85.25.  This beautiful bean showcases some delicious fruity apple and plum flavours as well as a subtle toffee sweetness.  It’s a natural processed red bourbon bean from Finca Santa Petrona, one of the farms owned by family run Café Tuxpal.

The land has been passed through the generation and named Finca Santa Petrona in honour of their mother/grandmother.  Federico Pacas Diaz – the father of the current owner – inherited Finca Santa Petrona from his mother in 1989, and purchased the same year Finca El Rosario, a 28-hectare farm in Santa Ana.

We’re excited to see what you think of this wonderful El Salvador bean! Do let us know - send us a message or tag us on your socials @durhamcoffeeuk | #durhamcoffeeuk - we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Cherish The Moments - Savour The Taste!

Carina & Bernhard, Durham Coffee

P.S.: Did you know we offer a 10% discount if you bring your own container and fill up directly at our roastery?  Also check out our new 1kg buckets which we're now supplying our local wholesalers with! If you'd like one for home use, just ask next time you're in the roastery collecting beans.


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