I have photographs on my website taken in places as far away as Iceland and Venice!  Never did I expect that my most popular picture would be one I shot no more than a few miles from my own front door!

‘Lean on Me’ has been my best seller for several years now.  I’ve sold prints of it across the world!  It’s extremely cute, even if I do say so myself, and means different things to different people.  It continues to be popular around Mother and Father’s Day, representing the love between parent and child and has also been bought as a gift or greetings card offering support!

During the pandemic it was included in the launch of my motivational, quoted prints selection and continues to be available to buy as a quoted A4 print and quoted greetings card as well as being available without the quote as a print, card, coaster, mug, and lots more.

The photo to me was 100% meant to be . . .

I was driving home one day and from my van window I spotted the Highland cows in the field.  I had my camera with me, so I pulled over and got out to take a closer look.

The weather was decent, and the cows were feeding, I watched them for about 10 to 15 minutes fascinated by these beautiful creatures.  The mum or dad, I’m not sure of the sex, leant down to feed on the hay and then all of a sudden, the little head appeared, I’ll never forget it and I feel really lucky to have caught it on camera!

About 2 minutes later I managed to capture, ‘The Wee Man Highland Cow and Calf’, although again with not being sure of the sex, maybe I need to rename this one ‘The Wee Man or Woman Highland Cow and Calf’!  The eye contact I had with the little one when taking both pictures was perfect, I couldn’t be happier with the finished product!

I took about 250 pictures at that field on that day, this hopefully gives you some idea of what’s involved in capturing that perfect second!  A memory that will stay in my head forever!

Phil Benton, Phil Benton Photography


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