Over the past 3 months I've been doing something behind the scenes that I haven't made public YET . . .

A year on from fulfilling my dream of becoming a TEDx Speaker, I’m now ready to take this to the next level.  I’ve been developing a new programme alongside world-class Changemakers and the Founder of Archangel, Giovanni Marsico, in Toronto.

The feedback from my TEDx talk ‘The CLARITY Quest’ has been phenomenal.  It has resonated and helped so many people on their journey to overcome roadblocks, negative self-talk, imposter syndrome and rejection, by embracing their superpowers to realise their ideas.

I've been supporting trailblazing Founders, Coaches and Creator to launch and grow their businesses through my VisionMapping clarity coaching sessions, and by producing VisualDoodle ideas plans.  I’m proud to see the transformations - they’ve fulfilled their dreams, developed innovative products, created life-changing services, upscaled their premises, launched their books, and turned their sidelines into full-time businesses.

From previously working 1:1 with clients, my vision for 2022 was to launch a global online group coaching model to support more people, create more transformations, and to build a Trailblazing Tribe.

The CLARITY Quest™ online group programme dives deep into the content of the MAP with interactive activities to reveal your vision, mission and value - and tomorrow I'm going to open enrolment for the first cohort to join as Founding Members.

Intrigued to discover more? - just message me with the word TRAILBLAZER and I’ll give you the details to join me on this life-changing journey.

  • Because everything starts with an IDEA . . .
  • And idea can change EVERYTHING . . .
  • Everything changes TOMORROW!

P.S. This programme also includes ‘the missing chapter’ featuring a key strategy I didn’t have time to talk about during my TEDxNewcastleUniversity talk.

Thank you!

Ann, Create Intrigue


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