Good Afternoon fellow coffee lovers!

We recently hosted our first Coffee Course in the new training space at our roastery and it was such fun we just had to tell you more about it!

We love sharing our passion for coffee with others and have created a series of courses to quench your thirst for coffee knowledge, hone your brewing skills and prepare you to join our Durham Coffee Club should you wish to become a VICP (very important coffee person).

By completing tow or our coffee lover's courses (Beginners or Barista and Advanced), you will gain free membership to our Durham Coffee Club with benefits including discounts and access to our Brew Lab.  Expect experimental and fun-filled brewing and cupping sessions as well as opportunities to decide on new coffee profiles.  Durham Coffee Club members will be able to share their passion for coffee, learn from each other, relax and drink coffee together: Cherish The Moments - Savour The Taste.

Click here to read more about our coffee courses!

Don't forget to try our two limited edition coffees, because once they're gone, they're gone!

Our Kenyan Peaberry Coffee showcases a lush blackcurrant sweetness whilst retaining a nice medium body and our Peruvian Charity Coffee has a sweet & fruity profile with notes of juicy gooseberries and a hint of hazelnut.

Roastery Public Opening Times:

  • Wednesday - Friday - 10:00-14:00


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