Join Noriko for a family friendly 1 hour Japanese paper collage art workshop (Chigiri-e) - an online event

DATE & TIME: Thursday, 20th January 2022 - 19:00-20:00 (GMT)

Noriko Matsubara is an artist, illustrator and children’s book author, originally from Japan and now based in Consett, County Durham.  She loves to connect children and their carers through art and books, and enrich people's lives through creative activities. Noriko's children's book series "Bocchi and Pocchi" has been published in the UK and translated into six languages.  She has recently worked with BBC Children's for their Storytime App.  She runs Japanese art workshops including Origami and Chigiri-e (Japanese paper collage art). In her Chigiri-e workshop, she teaches people how easy it is to create beautiful Japanese art using readily accessible materials.  Despite the modern, industrial material, Noriko's newspaper Chigiri-e portrays nature and animals in a warm light using soft edges of torn paper.  She has worked with various organisations as well as individuals to help them explore Japanese art and express themselves in a new way.

Noriko's website: www.norikoart.com

A short description of my workshop:

Chigiri-e is a traditional Japanese art form in which pictures are created from pieces of hand-torn Japanese paper called ‘washi’.  In this workshop, you'll learn how to create chigiri-e with a modern material - newspaper.

Noriko's chigiri-e technique is simple and it requires few materials.  After attending this workshop, you'll be able to start making your own chigiri-e at home without needing any expensive materials.

For this workshop, you'll need the following materials:

  • A6, A5 or A4 Cards or Watercolour Paper (any size you feel comfortable with)
  • Brushes (watercolour/acrylic painting brushes in 2-3 different sizes; they don’t have to be fancy)
  •  PVA glue (if you don't have one, a glue stick will do)
  • Glue Container (I use a milk cap)
  • Water Container (any container such as used tin, cup or glass)
  • Newspapers
  • A pen or pencil

Further details and how to reserve your place can be found here.


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