I just want to say thank you to David Vickers from Rand Rocket, who has offered to store some boxes of football gear for Liberia in his warehouse.  I boxed up 12 over the last week and will be delivering them to the warehouse by the end of this week.  (I also had a great offer from Craig of MAC Security & Fire, but David got in just before him!)

I've also been promoting the appeal via Facebook and have had loads of interest from people who want to give boots, footballs and kit.  I've arranged to have collection points at four places round Consett:

  • Consett AFC
  • Track Sportswear, 26 Newmarket Street, Consett
  • St Pius X Primary School, The Grove
  • Number One Club

A good idea for anyone who wants to join in is to fill a banana box (that you can get free from Morrisons or Tesco) maybe as a challenge, and hand that over packed full!

Thanks to all at DBN for their help and support.

Consett the World is partnering with Onside Football & Peace Network in Liberia that runs grassroots teams for boys and girls in four communities in the West African country.  The Onside teams use football to promote education, peace-building and leadership. 

For more details please click here

Ged, OnsideNetwork