I’ve been drawing cartoons since lockdown started in March 2020.  Since all lockdown restrictions have been lifted in England during summer (touch wood!), I want to start sharing some of my memories from the pre-COVID period in my cartoon.

When Ichi was little, he used to tell me about his memories before he was born.  When I asked him how he chose his daddy and mummy, he said, “I went shopping and bought you.”  “Daddy was very expensive!  He is a game programmer, see?  I was rich so I was able to buy him.”

I asked, “How about mummy?”  He said, “Oh you were cheap!  You are a children’s book author, see?”

My son’s Equations:

  • Daddy = Game Programmer = Expensive
  • Mummy = Children’s Author/Illustrator = Cheap

I hope I will be able to change my son’s perception of my occupation soon!

Noriko, Noriko Art