Bespoke online training and video support programmes to help your staff tackle stress, overwhelm and deal with customers.

Bespoke 60-minute online training sessions.Because you need to address wellbeing; you want emotionally resilient staff; an effective stress-buster; without breaking the training and welfare budgets.Stress Express online 60-minute training sessions for the Workplace provides a self-help approach through delivery of straightforward, practical and effective techniques to tackle stress and the challenges of life and work.  Read more by clicking on the image below.

Stress-busting for Busy People.  You are a busy person and you don't have time to waste!

No-nonsense stress-busting video support programmes - tailormade for busy people!

YOU are a very busy person

 . . . some people and situations are a pain in the bum, aren't they?

 . . . they annoy you, hack you off, or get under your skin...then you overthink it all.

And hey presto, it’s in your head going round and round on a loop that gets you absolutely bloody nowhere.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is, if it takes over your head and holds you back or causes you to be less than your best, then it’s time for some ‘No-nonsense Stress-Busting’.

It's not always about 'being stressed'. Sometimes it's about not being hacked off! 

Gillian, Feel Good C.I.C.


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