Teesside based insurance brokers, Erimus have had their best organic six months ever to the end of 2020 after adopting the button methodology for marketing strategy from My Marketing Button.  The trend looks set to continue with a significant increase in both income and quote activity in Q1 2021.

The story began back in 2019 when a broker with no marketing experience was offered an opportunity to grow and develop into a marketing role.  Emma Brown, a bright graduate at Erimus attended a strategic marketing course with My Marketing Button founder, Margaret Bradshaw.

Emma said “The course changed my mindset as the methodology presented provided the holistic view of the company which had been missing.  I gained insight into where marketing fits, who the key stakeholders were and who needed to be nurtured, apart from our prospects.

“My journey into marketing started with the methodology.  I was trying to make marketing work, but this was the turning point where I really felt like I was doing marketing.  Fast forward a year or so to January 2020 and I was promoted to Marketing Manager.”

Shortly after undertaking the training, Emma created the Marketing Strategy for Erimus following the My Marketing Button methodology.  This strategy went on to underpin the firm’s marketing efforts during the pandemic.

Emma commented “Our entire strategy is built around the button methodology and it’s the core pillars that hold up what we do.  During the pandemic (not that I want to be doom and gloom) it was a really difficult time and I had just taken on marketing full time.  I got together with the team to discuss what the strategy would look like going forward.  We decided that absolutely we needed to stick to our existing strategy and plans.  In fact, we doubled down and there were lots of long days sending out information.”

The button methodology is based on 30 years of practical marketing experience.  Four button-holes represent four key areas of a business: Clients, Prospects, Products and Services, and Communications.  12 threads which represent 12 strategic activities are then used to keep the button sewn firmly in place.

Emma went on to say “Many of our competitors switched off at this time, suddenly they disappeared, nobody was there, and nobody was talking, but we kept going, we kept out there, kept pushing, kept sewing on all of our button-holes and made sure we were ready.”

“Once things started to pick up, we were actually surpassing pre-Covid levels, and I think it just goes to show that staying true to your methodology is so important.  So even when things dipped off, we didn’t react to that, we stayed as we were, and it proved that it actually works.”

“It’s only now that the team is seeing that we’ve come through the toughest year and had the best organic six months we’ve ever had at the end of last year (2020).  Again, this quarter, Q2 2021 is set to do the same.”

The My Marketing Button methodology is available for businesses to access in the form of an online platform, as well as a CPD accredited training course.  To find out more check out www.mymarketingbutton.co.uk

We also have a training workshop coming up; please see below:

Marketing Strategy - A Framework for Success.

Implement a robust marketing strategy based on our solid framework.  Motivate your team, improve your results and support your future!   About this event: Our innovative framework is the first methodology that captures all elements of your business and shows you how to bring them together in such a way that your business has a constant and coordinated focus to business growth and profitability.  This course looks at the four main aspects of your business and your marketing.  You will learn a new way of maximising your opportunities and growing your business.  Experience has shown us that business owners want to save time and money and operate with a team all "on the same page" - we know clarity in the team and motivation are key to a business being successful - so find out more about our process and learn how to adopt a framework that will make a difference to you.  We are catalysts for change and we are passionate about working with business owners who want to see improved results and who are open to ideas!

Wednesday, 24th November - 10:00-12:30.  Further details here.


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