September 28th marked my first business birthday!

In those three years, I have worked with several DBNers including James Ibbitson of Visual Punch, Melanie Cant of Elm Marketing Solutions and of course with the DBN team, delivering sales training workshops in-person and online to all the wonderful members.

My 3 top tips if you are starting out in business…

  1. Networking - find a friendly bunch who will look after you (like DBN). Don’t worry about selling yourself at these events to start with, just be yourself and get to know people. Let them get to know the real you. In time you’ll see opportunities to help others and others will start referring you.
  2. Get a business bank account - makes life so much simpler and looks more professional too. I use Starling which is free to use, I also use Freeagent for my bookkeeping.
  3. Tell people about your business - don’t expect people to organically find you in the early days. You need to get out there and tell them about how you can serve them.  So, get all your social channels set up, and start showing the world how amazing you are!

If selling frightens you, reframe it. You are ‘helping’ others, you are serving them.  Think of selling as a tool of invitation.  The customer makes the final decision and knowing you, liking you and trusting you will make the sale simple.

Empowered To Sell 2.0 is launching soon and will help you gain your sales confidence in just 6 weeks.  Sign up to the waiting list here.



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