I was walking Milo (my dog) the other day & finding myself coming face to face with another walker went to step to the side, which he promptly stepped to as well.

We did that little dance around each other, reflecting moving from one side to the next with slightly awkward laughter.  The gentleman opposite me then said:

"Amazing minds think alike"

What a way to max the impact on an already well-known phrase?  Yes, we were two minds.  Yes, we thought to do the same as each other, and I'm sure we're both great.  But now we were AMAZING!

Just using that one alternative word made the impact of that phrase so much more, and made me, the receiver, feel so much more appreciated.

A tagline for any business can make or break it.  Imagine Nike - "Don't do it", McDonald's "I'm loathing it", L'Oreal "I'm absolutely worth it".

I know I'm being a bit facetious, as if any big brand would tell you not to buy it.  But if you're thinking of a tagline for your business then spend some time making it so impactful that it makes your receivers / customers feel as good about your business as you.

Jo, Jo Long Consulting