Pick up your Durham Coffee from our eco-friendly stockists

We're Bernhard & Carina and are the dream team in my eyes (hehe) as we love working together and balance each other nicely.  Born in Austria (Bernhard) and Germany (Carina) we have lived in the beautiful city of Durham for over 16 years now and love being able to call the North East our home.  We're mad about fresh pour over coffee in its pure black state undiluted by milk and start our work days by sharing at least 1 brew or sometimes even more when experimenting with brewing variations and taste testing.

The Weigh To Shop, Framwellgate Moor are our lovely eco-friendly stockist.  If you haven't checked them out yet you definitely should!  The Weigh To Shop is a local gem packed with an amazing choice of refill goodies!  They have now added our Finchale Priory decaf coffee beans to make four choices of coffee beans from us and they can even grind them in store for you too!

Carina and Bernhard, Durham Coffee