Working-from-Home Environment Survey.  Are you at home?  Can You Help Please?

I'm researching the settings and makeshift workspaces people are using to work-from-home at the moment.  Where are you sitting, what are you surrounded by, what kind of view do you have etc?

My work is about enabling individuals and organisations to create supportive and effective environments at home and in the workplace.  This research will contribute the design of a support programme for people working-from-home to help them plan and build around themselves workspaces conducive to both their well-being and productivity.

Enforced home working has left many over-stretched and disoriented.  Home as we’ve known it may never be the same again.  You can read how people are feeling about working-from-home in sometimes inadequate spaces by clicking on the image above.

Jane Anderson, JCA Consult Ltd

Please can you help Jane by clicking here to answer her 10 question survey


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