Two and a half years ago I was unexpectedly admitted to hospital for major bowel surgery and ended up having 13 cm of my colon removed.  I was then diagnosed with an incurable disease called Crohns.

For most people this seriously affects their everyday life, resulting in some have a bag fitted, others have serious flare ups and are readmitted to hospital, some pass blood, all sorts of horror stories.  Four months after leaving hospital I was introduced to Synergy gut health products and the impact they had was almost instantaneous.  They have been a massive positive in my mental health too.

Every year I have to go for a check up and since my operation I have been asymptomatic from any signs of Crohns, I lead a perfectly normal life and I'm fitter than any time since my army days some 30 years ago.

So when people ask what my why is for Synergy it's this very thing that I hope to be able to assist others with IBD in achieving.  I have a passion for helping others live a normal healthy full life.  It's totally possible without medication too.

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