We talk about building relationships with our prospects & customers to create the call to action, make their journey easy & secure the sale.

But how many times is the opportunity missed because there's no follow up?

Recently I have had 2 people that have done exactly that, 1 business-related, 1 personal.

The 1st, a LinkedIn connection request, sales pitch with a phone call as I was genuinely interested.  I wouldn't commit immediately & asked for more information... 2 weeks later nothing in my inbox & I'm not so bothered to chase it.  Sale lost...

The 2nd, an order for my Dad's birthday.  Almost 3 weeks overdue, I am promised a daily call / email but get nothing.  Today I called to cancel the order.  The lady taking my call clearly wasn't bothered & when I said I wasn't surprised they were busy given their lack of customer service & inability to honour their sales, she agreed with me!

It takes nothing these days to email. It's even nicer to call.

Don't miss a huge opportunity assuming things are fine & your customer/prospect is happy with no communication.  Everyone likes to know what is going on & who knows what it could lead to if you just followed up.

Jo Long, Jo Long Consulting


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