Finally: ‘No-nonsense Stress-Busting for Busy people’ online events are here!


Sixty minutes. Three effective techniques. Overthinking tackled!

This is the first in the ‘Stress-Busting for Busy People’ series giving you straightforward, practical and effective tips and techniques to tackle the stresses and challenges of life, work and difficult people.  You will be given great techniques that you can use straight away that have immediate benefits. We include simple and interesting science so you will know how and why each technique works. You will also be able to share the techniques with your family (kids love them).

This 60-minute session will give you:
  • Practical ways to control your thoughts effective techniques to stop the overthinking in its tracks
  • Easy-to-use actions with immediate benefits

No introductions, ice breakers or group work - Just stuff that works!

The upshot of every 60-minute session is that you will leave feeling that you have the tools and techniques to feel more in control of the people and situations that hack you off and hold you back! And you will have had some fun and feel utterly flipping brilliant!

If you have any queries email Gillian Fortune: gillian@feelgoodcic.com

Note: There will be one ‘F’ word which is relevant not gratuitous!

Another Note: There will be no requirement to input or share any personal stories

And one more: All techniques can be transferred to a range of situations

Gillian, Feel Good C.I.C.


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