The Durham Business Recovery Grant is a £5million fund to help County Durham businesses to recover from the effects of Covid-19.

Who can apply for a Durham Business Recovery Grant

Eligible businesses are those businesses able to demonstrate that they:

  • have a significant operational base, but less than 250 employees in County Durham
  • were established before 11 March 2020
  • are set up for profit and registered to pay tax on profit (in any format, eg sole trader, limited company)
  • use a business bank account (separating personal and business finance)
  • can demonstrate a significant adverse impact from Covid-19
  • can demonstrate solvency
  • can outline a credible and costed recovery plan
  • can fund their share of the recovery plan

Social enterprises (for example, community interest companies) are eligible provided they meet the above and can demonstrate that they generate 51% or more of their sales from commercial activity (excluding income from donations, grants and contracts not won through a competitive process).

Who cannot apply for a Durham Business Recovery Grant

The following are not eligible to apply for a Durham Business Recovery Grant:

  • registered charities
  • organisations set up to provide:
    • local social welfare and community facilities, for example hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, fire stations, child-minding facilities, sports clubs and societies, parks, public libraries
    • housing rental as part of an investment portfolio
    • public services or activities to supplement public services, for example social housing or school age education. 
  • businesses whose activities may bring the council's name or reputation into disrepute.

If you're not eligible, North East Growth Hub's list of finance and funding provides a list of grants available, or see Business Durham Covid-19 business support brochure.

How to apply

Before you apply for a Durham Business Recovery Grant, please read the essential information - Durham Business Recovery Grant - essential information to help you prepare your application.  The quality of your application will reflect the decision turnaround time of the application process.

Apply for a Durham Business Recovery Grant online


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