1. 7% reduction in city centre residential purchases as people moved into rural settings.
  2. Over 25% increase in rural and very rural residential purchases.
  3. Continued re-purposing of redundant city centre offices into residential use.
  4. We have fallen back in love with retail warehouse shops with their easier social distancing. Footfall maintained.
  5. Dog walks are a lot busier. She must be getting old as the other dogs all look like puppies…

Following the announcement of a new UK Lockdown at 8pm Monday 4th of January, we regret that we will no longer allow visitors to our office until further notice.

We appreciate that many of our clients prefer to meet face to face, however to ensure we are able to continue operating throughout the lockdown, we feel that this is the best course of action.  We are very much open and operational, and most of our staff are still working from the office.  If you need to visit the office for unavoidable reasons, such as to have your ID verified, please email your conveyancer to arrange an appointment to visit the office with the appropriate safety measures in place.

Sue Shaw-Toomey (and Oreo), Toomey Legal


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