Sometimes something small can make a really big difference.  Earlier this week I bought some cards from Noriko and she enclosed a handwritten note to say thank you for what we do at DBN.  It was so lovely and heartfelt and it made a cold and grey week seem very sunny and warm. I'll keep it as a treasured possession.  Never underestimate the amazing power of a simple thank you message!

We'd like to say thank you to everyone who came to our events this week.  On Monday we had a good old fashioned networking session and on Wednesday we had Write Your Own Story for 2021 with Moira Barnes who got us all writing engaging stories about our businesses.

We have one more event this year (and we'd really love to see you there) and we're working on our programme of networking, training and business support for your businesses in 2021.  We'll have full details later this month.



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