Last weekend was life changing. I attended Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s phenomenal 360 interactive live #WorldSummit2020 virtual event and created a VisualDoodle to capture Tony's inspirational ideas.

If you look carefully at the #VisualDoodle, starting at the dot near the centre, you can follow the dotted line to map out Tony’s journey as he shared his story, knowledge and wisdom.

I posted this in the private event group, inviting attendees to print it off or use as a screensaver, to act as a visual reminder to take daily action towards achieving their vision. With the option to personalise it by colouring it in as a mindfulness exercise and to reinforce their learning.

What happened next was unexpected... my phone started pinging frantically for hours, and then days, as I received hundreds upon hundreds of likes, comments, connection requests, messages and enquiries.

It's been amazing to receive so many kind comments about my VisualDoodles from entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world.

Since then I’ve been busy answering enquiries to work with me, to purchase VisualDoodles, and to teach what I do... It is incredible how despite lockdown, my business is now going global!


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