Magic Carpets continues to be the success it has always been and keeps me in a comfortable lifestyle all whilst working 4/5 hours a day max allowing a lifestyle business and me focussing more on quality of life.

Synergy North UK was set up 12 months ago, but I'd not really giving it much consideration until it really came into its own during the lock down and despite no physical work taking place I was still earning a small passive income from it, it was during the lockdown and because of this I decided I was going to focus more on it than previously.

Around the tail end of lock down I sold half of Magic Carpets to another local lad who is successfully running the oven and drive cleaning side for himself, freeing up even more time to focus on Synergy.

Synergy North UK is a network marketing opportunity that is proving very fruitful and already growing at a nice rate, I have a good team both above me and below me. I have built myself a good little team through customers using the products then wishing to become distributors themselves.

I got into Synergy due to having emergency bowel surgery and a landlord introduced me to the gut health products, they are amazing and despite now being diagnosed with Crohns disease supplementing with them has allowed me to live a normal life and be asymptomatic for the last two years, I'm also fitter and healthier than ever since my boxing days in the army. I won't go too in-depth with it all here but I can't wait to tell you all about the amazing benefits of all our range.

Justin Chilton, Magic Carpets & Synergy North UK