We know we said we would make the newsletter monthly again but then we started to receive some really positive news items from some of our members and we couldn't wait to share them with you!   We thought there was enough to send out a short update to everyone this week and hope you'll find it useful.

This time we're celebrating more DBN business birthdays, businesses going international and on 26 October our first DBN Marketing Mastermind Hour with Melanie Cant to help you with your social media content.

We're also offering a free check for all DBN members with Great Annual Savings Group to find out if you could be making savings on your utilities, energy and telecoms bills.  If you manage to save just £99 a year, you will effectively be having your DBN membership for free!

If you have any news stories you would like us to share with everyone, please send them across and we'll include them in our next newsletter later this month.  And please don't forget to book our first ever DBN in the Dark event, it should be brilliant - if that's not a contradiction . . .  Beautifully carved pumpkins win prizes too!