Our podcasts are proving to be very popular and to see you through until the next newsletter we have two brand new episodes for you.

In our latest podcasts, Melanie chats with Matthew Glover of Duchy Software about how wanting to know the rugby score led to a business idea, how apps are solving business problems and how a family love for bingo became a great business opportunity in Australia and New Zealand.  And, in the next podcast Melanie chats with Moira Barnes about boosting your sales confidence, adapting to a changing market and birthday cakes for your business!

You can find all our podcasts so far here.  If you are a DBN member and would like to be "podcasted" in the near future, please drop us a line (connect@dobusinessnetwork.com) and we'll set the wheels in motion - a great way for our members to reach out into the wider business community.  You never know who might be listening in!


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