So often when I’m in the initial stages of planning a project with a client, they’ll ask me whether they should be looking to target their video at a niche group of their business’s audience, or to ‘the masses’.

And I always tell them the same thing - “it entirely depends on your business objective”.  If you’re wanting to deliver a specific message tailored to a group of individuals, then the targeted approach is the best to consider.  However, if you’re in the business of spreading brand awareness and making a name for yourself in as many circles as possible, then a video for ‘the masses’ isn’t the wrong way to go about things.

I always think this distinction is so important to make.  After all, understanding whom you’re talking to when marketing your business in any sense is of the utmost importance.  But also, for some clients whom I work with, they simply can’t afford to be hiring me on a regular basis, so each video has to count and make an impact - whether that be with a small group of individuals, or with a vast collective.

We don’t usually work with animals - but sometimes they’re just too darn cute so say no to!

To bring a smile to your face this week, we thought we’d throw back to this wonderful experience filming a promotional video for Orchard House Vets Stocksfield practice in Northumberland.  We’d love to tell you all about it, but we’re certain that by now, you’re already well and truly distracted with furry friends and loving puppy-dog eyes . . .

James, Visual Punch


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