The future is small . . .

As Ann English might say, small businesses have a superpower!

Over the years we've been told that small businesses can learn lots from bigger ones and we're sure that's true.  But 2020 has proven that bigger businesses can learn a lot from smaller ones too!  They have the agility, innovation and a desire to learn new skills.

So it’s super important that we give lots of support to our small businesses.  We have an amazing business community in DBN and they deserve the best support we can give them.  We’re already seeing some green shoots of business growth coming through and during lockdown many people started to see the true value of their local businesses.  Now we need to build on this and encourage more people and organisations to support them and buy more locally.

We're celebrating Christmas later this month?

"Never knowingly conventional" - that's us!

But we're not kidding...

Your customers need plenty of time to decide what gifts and treats to buy for the festive period so we’re making 25th September our "DBN Christmas Day” when we’ll be promoting your locally produced gifts, food and drink, experiences and treats in our newsletter.

So please be sure to get all the details of your festive treats to us in time to have them featured.  Mags is going to create some virtual crackers for us and we might even have a little party...

Marketing “from monster to pussycat!”

That’s how Pamela Walton of Centurion Computers beautifully described her marketing journey during Mags Bradshaw's Four Buttonholes and a Thread Masterclass.  Thanks for a brilliant session Mags.  You introduced us to a great framework on which to build a really successful marketing strategy.  And later that day Gillian Fortune dropped us a line to say "I spent the afternoon developing my Marketing Strategy and refining my Social Media Strategy" - that's a result!

And if you want to grow your business with a robust marketing strategy, Mags is running two follow-up sessions on 30th September and 28th October that will build on her recent DBN Masterclass. 

You can book using the link here.


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