When we think of plastic waste, we think about the 8 – 14 million tons which enter our oceans every year. Out of this figure, 50% of this waste is single-use plastics; and only around 9% of this has ever been recycled.

Britain alone contributes an estimated 1.7 million tons of plastic annually, and our UK beaches have 5,000 pieces of plastic and 150 plastic bottles each mile.  This shows the devastating effects that plastic waste is having on our oceans just from the UK alone; but what if we told you that this plastic waste is a recyclable material that is in the wrong place.

Here at Marmax Products, we pride ourselves in using plastic waste in the right place by providing recycled plastic benches, seating, playground equipment, fencing, planters and dog agility equipment to all sectors throughout the UK and Ireland for everyone to enjoy.  This then shows everyone that we do not need to afraid of plastic waste, we just need to know how to use it and find it in the right places.

We do not need to hate plastic waste but see it as a recyclable material that is in the wrong place.  All councils throughout the UK have different ‘rules’ on what can and cannot be recycled; and this can be very confusing for many households when it comes to disposing of their plastic waste in the correct bin.  If councils adapted the same approach, and created general recycling guidelines, whereby everyone can recycle the same products, then this would potentially help people to know what to recycle, increase recycling rates throughout the UK and therefore helping to see plastic waste as a potential resource instead of a problem.


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