We have just been notified that we are winners of the International CSR Excellence Awards in not 1 but 2 categories!  We have won an award for our recycling game board and also for manufacturing excellence.  We will find out our level of success in the presentation ceremony.

"Plastic waste in our oceans is set to triple in the next 20 year because efforts to stem it are barely making an impact."  This is the first paragraph in a news article from The Sun.

This harrowing statement follows to say that instead of 8 million tonnes of plastic waste entering our oceans, the figure may in fact be closer to 11 million!  If plastic waste is not reduced, then it is estimated that by 2040, the figure could grow to 29 million tonnes entering our oceans - equating to 50 kg worth of plastic for every metre of coastline on Earth!  We need to act now and reduce our use of plastic; recycle more and reuse where we possibly can.

Are you looking to replace your decking or walkways?  Then look no further than our recycled plastic boardwalk.  It is maintenance free, does not rot, corrode or splinter and comes with an anti-slip surface; as well as a 25 year construction guarantee.  It is also ideal for wetland areas to cover boggy ground.

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