The smartphone era has rapidly become part of our everyday lives, from selfies & shopping to planning holidays & making reservations.

"A sign of our times" . . . it’s not uncommon to see someone browsing from their small screen whilst standing in a queue.  No longer are people waiting to get home to their computer, if they have one . . . the smart phone has become their ‘on-the-go’ personal computer.  Businesses and companies are recognising this compact form as the gateway to reach their customers . . . and for customers to reach them.

These devices have numerous capabilities, the Camera, GPS, Push Messaging (to name only a few) .. all available for businesses to tap into and create an app to engage with their customers. Smartphones and the apps available are solving everyday problems . . . and giving the user a great experience in doing so. Some examples:

  • Register and Activate product warranties at the tap of a button
  • Using the camera to visualise a lamp on your coffee table using Augmented Reality
  • Calculate VAT or taxes
  • Provide entire product catalogue and purchase at the tap of a button
  • Reach potential customers and capture essential lead information
  • Send a Push Message to your customers informing them of a Special Deal for today
  • Provide your customers real time information of where their item is
  • Provide a portal for your 24/7 customers to call-out a gas engineer
  • A welcome pack for your holiday home . . . with everything at the touch of a finger . . . and being able to re-book them for the following season
  • The opportunities to connect and engage with your customers are limited only by your imagination.  Apps can be developed for the general public, but also for use internally within your company.
  • Are you able to manage your available stock, immediately after purchasing from the wholesalers?
  • Can you manage your workforce schedule at the tap of a button?  Could an app allow you to work smarter instead of harder?

For a deeper dive into how an app could help your business, your customers and you, feel free to book a no-obligation 1hr discussion and let’s explore these ideas together.
Matt Glover
Duchy Software Limited


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