At one of our recent Visual Marketing workshops Ann English told us about a clever business in County Durham that creates 3D models.

We got in touch with Owen Weightman at 3D Virtual Spaces and asked him if he could tell us more...

“As our strange Covid-19 world becomes a normality, we see that businesses are adapting how they market themselves and the way they interact with their customers.  Now, more than ever, we need to consider stronger digital marketing techniques and find creative ways of linking our physical world to the internet.  By creating a digital 3D model of a business, we can provide several interesting opportunities which will make companies stand out from competitors.  Imagine if customers could browse your shop or business “virtually”.  They could see product information, meet your staff, purchase your goods…online, from anywhere in the world.

"3D Virtual Spaces can do this for you in a very cost-effective manner. The experience is very visual and makes eye-catching social media marketing effortless. This concept, unlike most e-commerce sites we see these days, allows customers to have a much more enjoyable and realistic online shopping experience.

"So, the question is, why stop there?  Why not use this technology in the arts sector to have interactive PPV virtual tours of museums and galleries, or as a navigation and familiarisation aid for public buildings, or as a virtual training tool, or to create a “3D building document” in the AEC sector . . . the possibilities are endless and there will be an application for your business! If you would like to investigate further, please get in touch”.

Owen Weightman, 3D Virtual Spaces