The Cycling Boom! Have you taken to 2 wheels?

The appeal for cycling during lockdown and beyond has been huge and can only be a good thing for the UK's health and cycling in the UK.  While popularity for cycling has risen dramatically, so has the demand for bikes with many bike shops selling out completely.

While many of the UK's new cyclists wait for their new bikes to be delivered others are taking more drastic measures to get their hands on a bike.  The insurer, Admiral, reported a 46% increase in claims for bike thefts for the first seven weeks of lockdown, compared with the same period last year.

This sharp rise in thefts during 2020 highlights the importance of keeping your 2 wheeled pride and joy safe and also having the correct insurance in place, which for many recreational cyclists can be via their home insurance.  When insuring cycles with your home insurance it's important that the value of the cycle is known and that if over the standard limit to be automatically insured on your contents insurance, that the actual value is specified along with details of the cycle itself.

ASure Financial Limited are home insurance specialists and can review your existing home insurance to ensure that your bikes are covered against theft from these opportunist criminals looking to take advantage of your new found hobby.  Be ASured, contact us today for a free no obligation review of your home insurance.


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