We’re encouraging everyone to support our local businesses.  We are in the middle of creating a page on our website for #DOBUSINESSLOCAL and we’d love DBN members to send in a 20-second video telling us who you are, what you do and ask the viewers to Do Business with you.

We recently helped a DBN member to fill in a Local Authority tender application sharing a screen on Zoom and we’re delighted to hear that they have won the contract!  So it IS possible…

Each authority has a significant low-level procurement budget that can be awarded without having to go to tender or where just three quotes are needed.  If more of this is spent locally, it will help boost the local economy.  A £5000 contract is significant to a micro-business.

Organisations such as DBN are uniquely placed to help with this.  We hold data on local supply chain capability (in our case almost 1000 local businesses) and many will be unknown to the LA’s.  We are offering to work with them to develop a model where we can help to identify local suppliers that meet their criteria, carry out any pre-qualification needed and if we find that local suppliers are too expensive or lack relevant quality standards we will work with them on cost-down / quality improvement activities.  It's a win-win situation.