Do Business Local Campaign

We're launching our #DOBUSINESSLOCAL campaign to encourage everyone to support local businesses.  We especially want to help our Local Authorities to identify and place contracts with local businesses.

Organisations like DBN are in a great position to give support to our Local Authority procurement teams as we have extensive knowledge of local suppliers and their capabilities.  We would like to extend the offer of help in supporting Local Authorities to identify good local suppliers who give the best value, acting as an extension of their internal procurement team, all while helping to bring much needed new business opportunities into SMEs who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.

Today (26th June) we co-hosted a meeting with the FSB and Darren Knowd, Chief Procurement Officer at Durham County Council to focus on opportunities for small businesses. 

For skills and education we're inviting our local schools and colleges who are looking for work placements for students to engage with us. We are setting up virtual online work placement opportunities with local businesses to give real work experience and to help inspire our next generation of entrepreneurs!

And this evening, we're having a conference call with Richard Holden MP to exchange information on how we can support our small business community.

If you'd like to get involved with our #DOBUSINESSLOCAL campaign activities, please email us at connect@dobusinessnetwork.com


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